About the shop

Novel Heartbeat Creations has been around for a couple of years but I didn't start selling candles until November of 2016. When I first started making candles I honestly never intended to sell them, I just wanted something to fuel the obsession! I loved it so much and had such amazing feedback that I decided to open my own candle shop. The rest is history!




About Jessi

Hey there! I'm Jessi, I'm a 29-year-old rocker slash cat lover who resides in cold crappy Ohio. I have dubbed myself the Candle Queen because I am OBSESSED with candles! Despite having my own shop I still actively purchase bookish candles from many other shops as well. (The obsession is real, guys!) Despite being a crazy cat lady, I have a full time job as a dog groomer! When I'm not making candles I can be found reading, blogging, gaming, or taking photos for my Instagram, @novelheartbeat.