CURRENT PROCESSING TIME: 1-2 weeks on custom orders and bundles, pre-orders are as stated. All other current stock is ready to ship (unless otherwise noted), usually ships on Mondays. Processing time for current stock is 3-5 business days due to my work schedule.

PLEASE NOTE FOR THE WARMER MONTHS: If you are expecting your candles to arrive PLEASE ensure that you are home to bring your packages in or contact your post office to have them hold your package for pick up, especially if you live in warmer states like CA or FL! Wax melts in the heat (my wax has a melting point of 115 degrees F) and I have zero control over melting if a package is left out.

In the case of melting - you can try contacting your post office for an insurance claim for damaged candles, or you can fix it yourself by putting the candle in the oven and heating it up to 100 degrees or until melted back to normal. (Be sure to heat the candle WITH the oven, don't preheat and then put the candle in)




All items ship via USPS. I use Priority Mail for most orders (with the exception of a single tin or wax melt). Prices reflect the commercial price I pay plus a small handling fee to cover the cost of packing material. These prices are non-negotiable. 

Please note the processing time on my orders. You will need to allow an additional 3-5 business days, depending on weight & shipping method, for shipping, so make sure you leave enough time for it to arrive if you're on a deadline. If you have time sensitive orders PLEASE message me first!

Once I hand packages over to USPS, shipping is completely out of my control. If you have issues with tracking not updating or a missing package, please contact USPS. I am not responsible for items lost or stolen in shipment.

If your package is returned as undeliverable, I am not responsible for additional shipping fees if the address you provided was incorrect. You can pay to re-ship to the correct address or I can refund your order, sans shipping.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - I am very sorry but I am no longer accepting INT orders due to repeated issues with customs.




If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please contact me BEFORE leaving feedback so that I can work with you to fix the issue! I will pack items as carefully as possible, but if for any reason your item is damaged during shipping, please contact me ASAP (within 3-5 days of delivery) and we can work out a way to exchange or replace your item through a USPS insurance claim (damaged items will require a photo for exchange/replacement). Shipping on exchanges or returns is at the expense of the buyer. Returns on candles are ONLY for candles that have not been lit!!! Refunds or exchanges on returns will not be issued until I receive the returned product.

If you don't like the smell of a candle, I will accept a return or exchange IF IT HAS NOT BEEN LIT.

***Once the candle has been lit I do not accept any kind of returns or exchanges. You are also responsible for return shipping.****

If your item is lost in the mail, PLEASE contact USPS first as there's not much I can do. Priority mail comes with $50 insurance, so if USPS cannot find your package we can work up an insurance claim.


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON CUSTOM CANDLES. Because of the nature of these items, I do not offer refunds or exchanges on custom candles as I would be out product and time spent and be stuck with a candle that I can't do anything with. I will always try to balance the scent blends that you choose the best that I can, but it is important that you choose carefully to find a blend that will pair well together to your preferences. MAKE SURE YOU ARE 100% SURE OF YOUR SCENT BLEND BEFORE SENDING IT TO ME. Once it's been poured there is absolutely nothing I can do to change it. I can't waste resources at my own expense to re-pour a candle because you decide to change your mind.

I can not guarantee that the color will be exactly what you are expecting because of the nature of the candle dye. I will try to get the color as close to your preference as I can, but color of each batch varies and it's hard to tell how it's going to turn out until the candle has already set up (and it cannot be changed once it's set up). This is unavoidable with custom candles as I cannot get the color perfect every time.




If you are interested in bulk candles for a subscription box or party favors, don't hesitate to message me!

I use 100% natural soy wax in all of my candles. Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy wax and may occur. It does not affect burn or scent throw, it is purely cosmetic. Soy wax is all natural and contains no preservatives or additives. It burns cleaner and is free of the toxins and carcinogens that paraffin contains. Soy wax is easy to clean up when spilled, too!

Please read the warning label on the bottom of the candle before use. 

**It is important that the first time you burn your candle you establish a "memory burn" by letting the wax pool reach all sides of the container before extinguishing the candle wick. This allows for a stronger scent throw, but more importantly ensures that you to get the most use out of the wax in the candle. If you don't allow the wax pool to reach the sides of the candle container, tunneling will occur, resulting in wasted wax. 

MADE TO ORDER CANDLES: Because they don't have much time to cure before I mail them, it may take 1-2 weeks to achieve optimal scent throw. Please keep this in mind if they aren't very strong when you first get them!

When extinguishing your candle, I suggest leaving the lid off until the candle solidifies to prevent trapping heat and moisture, which could increase chances of frosting and create little craters in the wax. This will also keep from trapping the scent of the burning wick, which can ruin the cold scent throw of the candle.

WOOD WICKS: Sometimes wood wicks take a few tries to stay lit. They also give off a burning wood smell when you first light them, until the flame reaches the wax.



Questions or concerns?

Please don't hesitate to contact me through the contact form on this site or through email (novelheartbeatcreations@gmail.com)! I am usually pretty good about responding to messages/emails within 24 hours. If it has been longer than 48 hours it's possible your message may have been overlooked so don't hesitate to send a follow up message!